Chris Archibald has been involved in the construction industry since he could carry a 2×4, or pick up a shovel. He has come from a family of builders, his great grandfather and his great uncle were custom home builders, his uncle in Bedford, PA is a custom builder, and his father and uncle in Harrisburg, PA are custom home builders. Chris has been involved in each and every aspect of the home building business. Chris was involved with ABC Landscape Construction from 2002-2003. He later started doing some jobs on the side of his father’s business, and in 2006, he started Chris Archibald Landscape Design.

With the Archibald name behind him, he has a reputation to uphold in customer service. Chris’s attention to detail and the customer’s needs has given him years of success and repeat business. He continues to offer the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship.

Chris Archibald Landscape Design is a small business with big goals. The owner is always on-site, and always has a hand involved in each and every project. They use the highest quality products and tools to complete every job.  Chris and his crew are constantly learning about new materials, methods, tools, and equipment to help them achieve the goals at hand.

When you think of quality and craftsmanship, think of Chris Archibald Landscape Design.


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